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Transform your practice in Special Education

through professional learning events in rejuvenating locations.

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Bob is a champion for individuals with disabilities and their families.

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"Working with Bob Barrows for the past few years has been an exceptional experience. He is a collaborator, knowledgeable in the world of special education, and a champion for individuals with disabilities and their families."
Melissa Gallager
Executive Director
The Arc Mesa County
Professional Learning Events for:
Special Education Administrators and Educators   |   High School Administrators  |   Transition Coordinators    |  Parents

Let's transform special education, where needed, to fill the gaps across the country!

Are you too busy putting out fires that you can’t plan ahead?
What is the climate for special education in your school district or specific high school?
Are students exiting the district without a plan?
Has it been a while since you objectively assessed your special education effectiveness for your school district or specific high school?
How does your interagency collaboration look?
How are you preparing students with disabilities to be employed competitively?
Are you vulnerable to special education litigation?

Whether you are a Special Education director or teacher, a high school administrator, a parent of a child with disabilities, there are best practices that maximize our adult outcomes for students with disabilities.  Our professional learning events target standards based best practices for specific groups of special education stakeholders.

Now more than ever, we have a growing number of gaps along the symbiotic path to adult success.  The time is now to consider how we can all better support our students with disabilities to realize a wildly successful adult life with no gap from the school district exit.

We will be honoring participants and celebrating our best practices collectively, while targeting areas for growth that will strategically align for improving adult outcomes for our students with disabilities.

I know the frustration, stress, and oppression that can swirl around in special education from time to time. But it doesn't have to be that way. My events are designed to inspire new hope, rejuvenate, and help you plan for improvement based on nationally recognized standards in the field of special education.

Professional learning events to rejuvenate and improve your practice in Special Education

The Clarity & Order for Special Education Success

For leaders in Special Education, such as: 

  • SPED Directors and Administrators
  • Superintendents
  • School District Leaders
  • High School Administrators

Designed to take an objective look at your SPED program leadership while also receiving a rejuvenating opportunity to reset attitudes and dedication for supporting students with disabilities.

A female Special Education Teacher with three colleagues standing behind her, all smiling and looking at the camera

The Golden Ticket for Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) Success

A young man with cerebral palsy sitting in a multifunctional wheelchair using a computer with a wireless headset reaching out to touch the touch screen

For SPED administrators, teacher leaders, and parents, such as:

  • Parents and Parent Advocacy Groups
  • SPED Directors and Administrators
  • Superintendents
  • School District Leaders

Learn how and when to apply for disability waivers, access to community agency services, and best practices for transition to adulthood.


Professional Learning Events at Rejuvenating Locations

While you are immersed in how you can improve your support of students with disabilities, you will experience peace, and reflect. You'll have time to absorb what you've learned, develop an improvement plan, and feel inspired and rejuvenated. Each program is scheduled to end on a Friday to give you ample time to return and be ready to go again. There are three classroom locations across the U.S.

Atlantic Coast Classroom: The King and Prince: St. Simons Island, Georgia (coming 2025)

Rocky Mountain Classroom: Glen Eyrie: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Pacific Coast Classroom: Asilomar: Pacific Grove, California (coming 2025)

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Meet Bob Barrows, Special Education Transition Consultant

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I have worked in Special Education in Colorado since 1987, starting as an adaptive physical education teacher. Throughout my career, I witnessed the challenges faced by parents and young adults with significant disabilities and I saw the need to support those who work in Special Education. A few recent career highlights include:

  • Awarded Child Advocate of the Year 2021 by the Arc of Mesa County, Colorado
  • Served as Principal of the Fletcher Miller School, a specialized school for students with profound IDD
  • Served as Executive Director for Special Education in Academy School District 20 in Colorado Springs, one of Colorado's premier and high-performing school districts
  • Awarded Outstanding Professional of the Year 2014 by the Autism Society of Colorado
  • Worked on a special grant with the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) and renowned researcher Karen Erickson from the University of North Carolina to improve instructional strategies for those with profound IDD


Transform your practice and rejuvenate yourself

When we positively transform special education practices across the country, far fewer adults with disabilities will be left stranded on the couch with nothing to do! 

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Register for a professional learning event

Events available for Special Education administrators, high school administrators, teacher leaders, parents, and transition coordinators. 

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Learn best practices with nationwide colleagues

Analyze your situation based on nationally recognized standards and plan for improvement in growth areas. 

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Rejuvenate and become more effective

Locations in Georgia, Colorado, and California were chosen specifically to promote rejuvenation and hope. You deserve to be honored and appreciated.

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