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For Parents

Parents of children with IDD should not have to navigate the disability landscape alone.

How is your support network playing out on your journey?
Is there a lack of communication between your school and outside agencies?
How are disability waiver services supporting your child?
Are you maximizing your resources?
Would you benefit from collaborating with other parents who are on this journey?
What does your IEP case management look like?

This two-day professional learning event is designed for parents of children with IDD to share their expertise and to network with other parents to gain new insights into ensuring the symbiotic path to adult success for their children with IDD. Parents will self-assess their child’s experience thus far on the path to successful adulthood by comparing their child’s support and services to best practices based on nationally recognized standards. Helping parents navigate the landscape of disability waivers and services is a main theme.

Welcome a renewed sense of hope.


The Golden Ticket Parent Academy professional learning events help you to analyze your child’s situation by celebrating the areas where they are succeeding and in areas that are opportunities for growth. You'll collaborate with fellow parents from different regions of the country in a therapeutic environment. These events help you take an objective look at your child with IDD and how their path is playing out for adult success. We understand how difficult the landscape is to navigate and present a rejuvenating opportunity to get refreshed while making a plan that will result in a symbiotic path for your child’s adult success. You will leave with a review, a plan for improvement and a renewed sense of hope.

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As a result of this two-day professional learning event, the parent of a child with IDD will be able to:

  • Analyze the path to successful adulthood for their child with IDD at varying stages of their child’s lifespan according to nationally recognized standards of best practices in the field of Special Education which includes interagency collaboration.

  • Describe the areas of strength as well as areas of growth for the current services and supports that their child with IDD is receiving based on nationally recognized standards.\

  • Integrate new ideas through collaboration with nationwide parents for children with IDD as related to nationally recognized standards of best practices and interagency collaboration.

  • Compare their child’s current path to successful adulthood to national standards as well as to other children’s paths across the country by collaborating with other nationwide parents.

  • Apply areas of strength and growth to a plan for improvement for their child’s path to successful adulthood.

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Events available for Special Education administrators, high school administrators, teacher leaders, parents, and transition coordinators. 

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Locations in Georgia, Colorado, and California were chosen specifically to promote rejuvenation and hope. You deserve to be honored and appreciated.

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