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Accessibility For All

Bob Barrows believes in independence for everyone. Therefore, we intend for our website to be usable by all people.

The law and accessibility standards change continually, although we strive to deliver the most up-to-date content online. Our ongoing accessibility efforts work toward following WCAG and ARIA specifications. These guidelines help make web content accessible to users with sensory, cognitive, and mobility disabilities and, ultimately, to all users, regardless of ability.

Please note that our website may link to, or interface with, third-party websites that we do not control. Therefore, we cannot verify third-party websites' level of accessibility.

Accessibility Requests

We welcome your comments on improving our website's accessibility for all users. If you experience difficulty accessing any part of this website, please contact us immediately. Get in touch in the way that works best for you:

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When we positively transform special education practices across the country, far fewer adults with disabilities will be left stranded on the couch with nothing to do! 

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Events available for Special Education administrators, high school administrators, teacher leaders, parents, and transition coordinators. 

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Locations in Georgia, Colorado, and California were chosen specifically to promote rejuvenation and hope. You deserve to be honored and appreciated.

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