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My career has shown me the need to support those involved in the challenging work of special education.

Two-day professional learning events are available throughout the year, but I also offer consultation and professional learning services directly to school districts. Please get in touch by phone, email, or schedule a time on my calendar (below). 

A pivotal partner for our organization.

Shayna Laing

"Bob has been a pivotal community partner for our organization! He has provided a wealth of information, connection, and strategy regarding the development of interagency collaborations. And in all that he does, he is passionate about equipping entire communities of educators and service providers to best support their students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities."

Shayna Laing, Community Engagement Manager
Pathways to Inclusive Higher Education

Transform your practice and rejuvenate yourself

When we positively transform special education practices across the country, far fewer adults with disabilities will be left stranded on the couch with nothing to do! 

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Events available for Special Education administrators, high school administrators, teacher leaders, parents, and transition coordinators. 

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Learn best practices with nationwide colleagues

Analyze your situation based on nationally recognized standards and plan for improvement in growth areas. 

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Rejuvenate and become more effective

Locations in Georgia, Colorado, and California were chosen specifically to promote rejuvenation and hope. You deserve to be honored and appreciated.

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